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home security cameraHow To Protect Your Home On Holiday

As the lockdown restrictions are being lifted, more of us are booking holidays both in the UK and overseas. While holidays are something to look forward to, they are a popular time for thieves too. Make sure you don’t get so wrapped up in the excitement of your upcoming getaway that you forget to protect your home on holiday.

Below we have listed some top tips and simple ideas to protect your home when you’re on holiday.

  • Don’t Pack In Advance

If you have an early start for a long journey or an early flight, it may be tempting to pack the car the night before. We strongly recommend against this. People passing by will see your car is full and know that you are going away the next day. Don’t give anyone pointers that you’re going away.

  • Home Security Camera

Consider installing a home security camera if you don’t already have one. The presence of a security camera is often enough to deter a potential criminal. By installing a good quality home security camera with the latest technology, it also means you can keep an eye on your home from wherever you are. Alerts can also be set up if the camera sees any unusual activity.

  • Cancel Deliveries

If you get a weekly milk delivery, newspapers delivered or a subscription package, for example, make sure you put it on hold. Large amounts of posts, packages, and deliveries piling up outside your home over a few days tell potential thieves that nobody is home. A criminal will see this as their chance to break in.

  • Hide Items

Make sure that your best items are not on display. If you have jewelry, a laptop, or confidential documents, make sure these are not on show. Put them into cupboards, in a safe or hidden away in drawers. These can be temptations for potential thieves so make sure expensive items are not on show to those passing by.

  • Extra Security Measures

Think about the extra security measures you can put in place. Take the time to check that your windows and doors lock securely in place. Could you install an extra lock or even an intruder alarm on your garage or shed for extra security? Perhaps your home is hidden behind tall hedges or in the middle of fields? In which case an intruder alarm in your home or around the outside of your home could be a great idea for extra security.

There is not much worse than returning from an incredible holiday to find that your home has been entered illegally, damaged and items were stolen. Make sure you protect your home while you are on holiday. If there is anything we can do to help secure your home, just call us on 01205 875 322