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Recently purchased a new home? Here are a few top tips on how to secure your new home.

Buying a home in England can be an exciting yet scary process. Especially in 2024 when the property market is evolving and the high interest rates don’t seem to be going down anytime soon. If you have purchased a home, we hope the stress of saving for the deposit and securing the mortgage is over! Now the fun part like decorating your new home begins! But what if we told you, that newly bought homes are vulnerable to criminals while you are coming and going as you move your belongings into your new home, Leaving your new home vacant, with new appliances can increase your risk of getting targeted by a burglar, so home security should be something to seriously consider. Here are some simple things you can do to secure your home.

new home security tips

Secure your doors!

Do not help a burglar access your home through your door. Inspect all of your entry points to make sure the doors have locks or if it has a post slot, also that someone can’t reach through it to unlock the door. If you’re moving into a home that someone else has just vacanted then it maybe a good idea to change the door locks. That way you won’t have strangers out there with a key to your house. A simple add on to your entry point would be a doorbell camera. A SES SYSTEMS doorbell camera can be added onto your system and comes with night vision and two-way audio, to give you peace of mind 24/7.


Light up!

A phrase you may have heard in the past is ‘lock up and light up’. Even if you aren’t at home, we advise you to leave a light on to deter would be burglars. If you are leaving the house vacant for a number of days while you prepare to move in, a lamp with a smart plug could be a good option. Nobody wants to leave a light on for too long, especially with the current cost of electricity. With a smart plug tho, you can set a timer for a light to come on & off at certain times, keeping a burglar at bay and making the house look occupied.


Add some security cameras around your home!

Investing in some good quality home security cameras early on can help you keep an eye on your new home as you move in. Not only can they be handy for keeping an eye on the house as you are busy packing boxes, but they can also be used to keep track of deliveries. If you are expecting deliveries at your new home, it could be handy to invest in an external camera to keep an eye of all the comings and goings at your new home. The SES SYSTEMS external cameras come with an app, so you can also see the footage in real time via your smartphone device or tablet while away from the property.

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Invest in a Intruder alarm system!

Now for the most important item, your probably in the process of moving into your new home and a security system would be the last thing on your mind. There are many different systems on the market from an unmonitored system to a monitored system via your smartphone device. SES SYSTEMS opinion is that we believe investing in a monitored system will give you that peace of mind knowing your new home is protected at all times & can be set, unset & reset from your smartphone device. Owning an alarm system that can be controlled by yourself via your smartphone while away from your new home can be extremely beneficial in the event of your system falsely alarming and being able to silence it and rearm the system without having to return to the property. After all, if you have moved into a new home in a new estate an alarm constantly ringing could annoy your new neighbours, not a great start to moving into a new area!


SES SYSTEMS can also provide wireless alarm systems, so that theres no drilling into your freshly painted walls, they are also modern blending in with the new home look. There are two main modes of the system, The Stay In Mode, this arms all perimeter sensors such as out buildings, windows and doors, so you’re secured against break-in attempts. This lets you walk around your house and be protected day and night, without worrying about false alarms. The Away Mode, protects your home when you are not around, probably the main reason people get an alarm. The Intruder systems also come with a free app allowing you to not only set and unset the system but also check the status of the alarm and the individual devices if desired.

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Thank you for reading and stay safe.