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Recently, video doorbell cameras have been growing in popularity, but is it better than CCTV? This is a question we often get asked by our customers, so we wrote up this blog to help you out.

This blog compares the pros and cons of doorbell cameras and CCTV cameras to help you decide what level of security your home or business requires.

Why Doorbell Cameras Are Better Than CCTV Cameras

  • The great thing about video doorbells is that you can speak to people through the doorbell, even if you’re not home. You could tell a visiting friend when you’ll be back or a delivery person where to place your item until you get back.
  • Video doorbells are easy to install and easy to manage too. Most are wireless and battery powered. You just need to screw them into your wall or door, and it’ll start monitoring your property for you.
  • You can view the entire entryway of your home as video doorbell cameras have wide-angle lenses. This will enable you to see people coming to your home, as well as potential security threats or unusual activity near your home.

Why Doorbell Cameras Are Not Better Than CCTV Cameras

  • While doorbell cameras are great for monitoring your front door, they don’t really offer comprehensive security. If you want to monitor a wider area of your home or view the property from above, this isn’t possible. Video doorbells offer a limited view.
  • Doorbell cameras are often vulnerable to tampering too. They are installed outside and at eye level. This makes them easier to tamper with, cover or steal and destroy then an CCTV camera that could be installed out of reach.
  • CCTV cameras offer more security features than a doorbell camera. For example, you can pan the area or tilt the lens of your CCTV surveillance system. You can also link it to other parts of your home security. This isn’t possible with a doorbell camera.

What type of doorbells do we install and why?

At Sylvester Electrical we install Hikvision doorbell cameras which can easily be integrated into your Hikvision CCTV System. This allows you to have both doorbell cameras and CCTV in one app. Our Hikvision doorbell cameras unlike other brands such as Ring Doorbells and Verisure do not come with any monthly or yearly subscription fees.

Based on these pros and cons, do you think a doorbell camera could be better for your home than CCTV? We would recommend you have both installed. This way you get the best of both worlds. You can communicate with those at your door when you are away, but your home will also be safe and secure.

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