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Four Things You Might Not Know About Intruder Alarms

Many homeowners and business owners rely on intruder alarms to protect their properties. However, there are some important facts about intruder alarms that you may not be aware of. These unknown aspects could make you reconsider your current security measures.

In this blog we share just four things you might not know about intruder alarms;

Only Work When Set

It may appear to be a simple and obvious precaution, but it’s surprising how often we forget to arm our intruder alarms when leaving the house. Whether we’re quickly running errands, picking up our kids from school, or simply making a brief visit to a neighbour, we tend to think that setting the alarm isn’t necessary because we’ll only be gone for a short while. However, it’s important to remember that burglars can act swiftly as well. In fact, many home burglaries occur during daylight hours when occupants are away. Setting your intruder alarm could have prevented numerous break-ins of this nature.

Control Panels Can Be Seen

If you have a front door with decorative glass, it’s important to consider the visibility of your intruder alarm access panel. In the unfortunate event that a potential thief can see that your alarm is not set or activated, they may be more inclined to target your property for a break-in. On the other hand, if an opportunistic criminal notices that your alarm is set, they are likely to seek out an easier target elsewhere. It is crucial to prioritize the security of your home and ensure that your intruder alarm system remains discreet and effectively protecting your property.

Lower Insurance Premiums

It is important to note that having a properly functioning and well-maintained alarm system can lead to a reduction in your home insurance premium. By investing in a burglar alarm and ensuring it is professionally maintained, you are demonstrating your dedication to security. Over time, the expense of the alarm and its maintenance will be offset by the savings in your home insurance premiums.

It’s More Reliable Than Neighbours

It is common for individuals to entrust their neighbours with the task of monitoring their property while on vacation. However, neighbours may not always be aware of unusual sounds such as banging or drilling, assuming that it is simply renovation work taking place nearby. Nevertheless, if your intruder alarm goes off and you have informed them about your absence, they will undoubtedly take appropriate action. Just remember to activate your intruder alarm before departing on your trip.

How many of these things did you know about intruder alarms? If you’d like to hear more about our intruder alarm services in Boston, call us now.