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cctv systemsBuy Cheap – Buy Twice. We have all heard that expression and unfortunately, we may have been victims of such actions. Buying a cheap product is a false economy as it will most certainly need replacement and cost you twice as much in the long run. When it comes to CCTV security you really get what you pay for, and there is a reason why reputable security companies are the better option.

If you are in the process of appointing a security systems provider then you should consider the following:


Each business is unique and will have different requirements, so it is seldom a standard ‘out of the box solution. You will need a plan to keep your people, property, and product secure. Having the right design to suit your site and having a plan for implementation that suits your business is crucial.


You may not even realise the risks that exist for your business. The world is constantly changing, and the would-be intruder is getting more sophisticated. An expert security installation company will know the best ways to thwart the criminals. In addition, they will know the legislations around covert surveillance which could be something you need.


Having a provider that will be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is only one aspect of support. You will appreciate a supplier that will maintain the equipment, repair, and even replace when required without any hassle for you.


You may need to use the footage to support a legal case, it is important that the footage is of high quality but there are other aspects to consider. The creation of reports suitable for court and the redaction of elements of the footage maybe something you did not think of, but an experienced security operator will have thought of this for you.


At Sylvester Electrical we care about our customers because we trade on our reputation. 90% of our new clients come to us on a recommendation from an existing client. We are based in Boston Lincolnshire and cover Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Nottinghamshire

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