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Are wireless burglar alarms reliable and secure?

A question we’re often asked by customers wanting to install a new security system is, “Are wireless burglar alarms reliable and secure?”.

Historically wireless alarm systems had a reputation for poor reliability so it’s not a surprise that some people are concerned. The issue with many of the older wireless models was their insufficient receiving range and monitoring capabilities. As a result, not all breaches may have registered on the main system thereby rendering the alarm unreliable.

However, wireless technology has improved significantly over the last few years. Wireless alarm systems can be subject to interference which can cause sensors to respond unpredictably, but that’s rare. When properly maintained, wireless alarms are as reliable as their hardwired counterparts.

If you’re still unsure whether a wireless alarm is a good option, take a look at the benefits:-

What are the Benefits?

  • Wireless burglar alarms are quicker and easier to install than wired systems.
  • These alarms are generally cheaper to install as less time is involved.
  • It looks neater to have a wireless system than a wired one because there is less wiring involved.
  • Alarms systems are very flexible. You can easily add door or window sensors and motion detectors to expand your system.
  • Wireless security options allow you to connect your alarm to your smart devices (network connection required). That means you can receive alarm notifications and activate or deactivate your wireless alarm from your smartphone.
  • Some systems have other wireless-enabled features, like a key fob, which enables you to switch off your wireless alarm as you approach your property to avoid accidentally triggering the alarm.
  • Wireless alarms are portable so if you move house or premises you could take the alarm with you.

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